Key Staff members


 M.Arch ( Urban Design and Planning from  
 The University of Kansas) 

 As President of LAEQ, Syed manages the day to day operations of the business. He has direct responsibility for financial, legal, human resources function, and also leads the planning and the implementation of LAEQ’s strategic vision. In addition, he oversees the design and construction process of all facility projects from start to completion. Syed augments over fifteen years of experience in all phases of Design Build, and is highly experienced in a broad range of projects including Educational, Commercial, Residential, Municipal, and Recreational projects. Syed graduated from the University of Kansas with a Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Design.



As Senior Project Manager, David is personally involved with every project from start to completion. Counting over twenty-four years of extensive experience in the design of both Environmental and Civil Engineering projects for both municipal and private clients in the State of Florida.  Design experience includes:

  • Roadway Plans
  • Utility adjustment plans
  • Storm water conveyance and detention system plans
  • Commercial and residential plans
  • Construction administrative services   

David’s industry knowledge ensures LAEQ projects are outstanding in both quality and results. As a graduate of Florida State College, David holds an Associate’s degree in both Civil Engineering Technology and Architectural & Building Technology. 



Ramji Shah has over thirty years of experience in the field of architecture. He has been involved in long range planning studies, site evaluation, formulation of viable building programs, close client contact through all phases’ of project development and on time delivery of the project.

He has extensive experience  in designing hospital, long term care facilities.



IMTYAZ SHAIKH, PE  Masters in Civil Engineeing from University of Florida, Gainesville

Imtyaz Shaikh, P.E. possesses a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida. He has extensive experience in designing and managing storm water and roadway projects for both F.D.O.T and County municipalities. Imtyaz's  professional experience includes seven years of experience in the field of civil engineering. Set up exhaustive Ad-ICPR model for existing and proposed conditions, performed detailed hydrologic and hydraulic simulations to design safe and cost effective stormwater systems as per closed basin or open basin criteria, performed water quality and quantity analysis as per FOOT, FDEP criteria, delineated basin boundaries for existing and proposed conditions with the help of survey drawing and SWFWMD aerial, designed wet detention ponds and dry retention ponds with help of Ad-ICPR  and MODRET, designed stormwater conveyance systems with Hydraflow and FlowMaster, performed spread analysis and swale capacity analysis for proposed roadway project, calculated flood compensation area, assisted professional engineer to develop drainage report arid submittal package, coordinated with other professional engineers for RFAI response, guided CAD tech person to set up pond cross-section, structure details and basin summary, assisted professional engineer to develop pond-siting report, assisted project manager to conduct pre-app meeting.



As Production Manager, Chris Currie brings over ten years of drafting and design experience utilizing the latest AutoCad software. He is highly experienced in the design process and production of construction documents for commercial, institutional and residential projects. Chris possesses excellent planning and organization skills as required for a fast paced work environment.

Chris’s area of expertise includes the following:

  •  AutoCad Drawing and programming
  •  Building code compliance
  •   Network Administration
  •   Information Technology

Drafting disciplines include the following:  

  •  Civil
  •  Mechanical
  •  Architectural
  •  Structural
  •  Electrical
  •  Pluming
  •   Fire Protection
  •   Lighting